Dr Wayne Dyer

Dr Wayne Dyer – The Shift

My last blog spoke about letting go of outcomes. Hear what Dr Wayne Dyer has to say about this.

Dr Wayne Dyer is an internationally renowned author and speaker in the fields of self-development and spiritual growth. He passed on in August 2015 and I became more aware of his work as a result. His version of positive change is known as ‘The Shift’, the title of both a book and a film. He sees our lives as a Spiritual journey, with the first half of our life being the ‘morning’ and the second as the ‘afternoon’. He states ‘..what held true in the morning of our life becomes a lie by the afternoon.’ He calls the move from ‘morning’ to ‘afternoon’ – ‘The Shift’.

In the ‘morning’ of our lives, we are taught from a very early age by our parents and society. There is an emphasis on achievement and accumulation, and it is our egos who drive what we do. However, the ego is a ‘false’ self and not who we really are. Our ego tells us:

  • Who we are is what we have, we have to have more and more, and compare it to what others have. If things go wrong and what we have goes away, we go away – what’s left?
  • We are what we do, what we achieve. Our success and value depends on this and we have to compete to be the best.
  • We are what others think of us, we have to be someone different every time someone wants something from us. We often put aside the part inside that wants to be us, to be what others want us to be.

When we begin that shift, we move away from a life following our ego (life of ambition and achievement, a place of anxiety, fear, guilt and anger) to a life of meaning, where our focus is on serving and giving back. We begin to trust who we are within and let go of our ego. This shift is often triggered by an event or a low point, but equally it can just slowly evolve, when we are open to letting it happen. The definition of success changes, abundance and prosperity are good, but we detach from the outcome and let go of the fear of not having. We feel freer and more open to listening to our inner voice, and we may be surprised by the synchronicity; notice how things happen and direct you on a different path. Trust in the direction it takes you.

Dr Dyer said that women for example ‘shift’ as follows:

‘Morning’ – value family (nurturing), sense of independence, career, fitting in with others

‘Afternoon’ – value own sense of personal growth, sense of self-worth/self-esteem, spirituality, happiness, forgiveness

When we live in meaning, we live these virtues:

  • Reverance for all life (respect)
  • Sincerity (more than just honesty)
  • Gentleness (kindness)
  • Supportiveness – service without expecting to receive, it will always come back to you anyway n many different ways

So a life of meaning is about being soft, flexible, open, not always being in control but letting go of the outcome and just allowing it to happen. Ask – ‘how may I serve?’.

Remember – you are only a thought away from changing your life!

All information taken from the film/book ‘The Shift’ by Dr Wayne Dyer.