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Reiki and Wellbeing

Reiki (pronounced ray-key), is Japanese: Rei meaning universally or spiritually guided and Ki meaning ‘Life Force Energy’.

It is a complementary therapy and was developed from ancient teachings by Dr Mikao Usui, who was a Japanese Buddhist. Reiki is the channelling of life force energy into the body, to promote healing on a physical, mental and emotional level. Where there is disease (dis-ease) or emotional disharmony in the body, the life force energy is not flowing through the body freely. This can often leave you feeling unmotivated, tired and with low mood.

A Reiki practitioner will channel this energy by placing their hands lightly on or around the body of the client, allowing the healing energy to flow through the body to where it is needed. This will help the client to feel more relaxed, reducing feelings of anxiety and promoting a greater sense of wellbeing. It is from a place of wellbeing that positive changes can be made.

The benefits of Reiki are not only felt by the client, but also by the Reiki Practitioner as they channel the energy. So to benefit from Reiki, you can either receive therapy from a Reiki Practitioner or train to be a Reiki Practitioner yourself. There are 3 Levels – Level 1 or First degree, which enables you to practice Self-Reiki, Level 2 or Second degree, which enables you to give Reiki therapy to clients and finally Level 3 or Reiki Master. A Reiki Master is also able to teach Reiki and offer attunements to Reiki students.

The Reiki Principles say:

Just for today

Do not Anger
Do not worry
Be humble
Be honest in your dealings with people
Be compassionate towards yourself and others.

By putting these Principles into practice, you learn to take responsibility for your own life and personal wellbeing.

Becoming a Reiki Master is a way of life as you practice Reiki on yourself and others, leading to greater wellbeing and inner peace. As a Reiki Master, I have noticed many changes in my life, both in the way I think, act and feel, and through teaching Reiki and offering Reiki treatments, I hope to share this with others.

My next Level 1 training is Sunday 25th June 2017 and Level 2 Saturday 7th October 2017. Places are limited, so please book early. Further details on my website.