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Soul Contract Reading

Do you ever wonder what your purpose is here in this life or feel that there is something very important you are here to do with your life?

Does it feel like there is always one challenge after another blocking you from achieving your true potential?

A Soul Contract Reading uses the sounds of Ancient Hebrew and channelled Ancient Wisdom to decode the secrets of the blueprint of your life hidden within your birth name. It reveals the truth of how your life is really meant to work; what lessons (karma) you have chosen to overcome in this lifetime and what talents you have or are here to develop. This will empower you to decode the Spiritual Map of Your Life and manifest your hidden Soul Purpose or Soul Destiny.

This Spiritual Map of Life empowers you to:

  • Overcome your karma
  • Understand the truth of your life
  • Express more of your talents
  • Achieve your goals and manifest your Soul Purpose

Based on your name, exactly as it appears on your birth certificate, I will prepare your Soul Contract Reading and then talk you through this, in the context of your life lived to date, and work with you on your aspirations for the future. This will help you to:

  • know that there is actually an order and meaning to all the disparate experiences you have had in your life
  • move from feeling a victim of life, to taking charge and stepping forward into living your true purpose
  • show you where you are on your Spiritual Map of Life and understand that this is the perfect place in your life, be it in crisis, stuck, seeking a new way forward or just needing to make sense of everything
  • offer guidance on how you can overcome any challenges, to enable you to start achieve your goals
  • begin your journey along your Spiritual Path and transmute your karma into Gifts of Service, in accordance with your Soul Destiny

Where did Soul Contract Reading come from?

Frank Alper of Adamis International, channelled through this system in the 1980s over a period of nine months from the soul of Moses. Frank called it the “The Spiritual Numerology of Moses”.

Nicolas David Ngan brought the original teachings for Soul Contract Reading to England from the United States in 1990 where he trained directly with Frank Alper. Nicolas changed the name for use in the United Kingdom to “Soul Contract Reading” to more accurately reflect what it did and to differentiate it from the better known conventional Pythagorean Numerology, which it often got confused with and is a completely different process. I have received this channelled system directly through training with Nicolas David Ngan from the Center for Conscious Ascension – https://centerforconsciousascension.net