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“Thank you Elizabeth for all your help with my sessions to beat my chocolate habbit, you were very easy to talk to and always made me feel at ease, I feel so much better about myself so thank you, I would highly recommend you.” – Tracey S

What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnosis is a deep state of relaxation (trance), where you will become more open to suggestion. As your therapist, I will help you, but you will control going into a trance and bringing yourself out again. Whilst you are in a trance you will always be aware of yourself and your surroundings and can talk at anytime. When you come out of trance, you will return to your normal state of mind and will be safe to drive.

Hypnotherapy uses this deep state of relaxation to bypass the critical conscious mind and communicate directly with the subconscious, feeling part of ourselves. This allows you to explore your inner resources and core beliefs, bringing a greater awareness to your life and changing the way you feel. When feelings change, you can learn to think in a more supportive and positive way; positive thoughts lead to positive changes, helping you to experience success and happiness in all areas of your life. Whilst there are no guarantees, hypnotherapy is a very powerful, yet gentle approach, which brings about exciting and positive changes for most people, for most issues, most of the time.

Hypnotherapy is not a ‘magic bullet’, I cannot force you to change. However, if you are ready to accept responsibility for that change and work with me, then I can help you.

Parts Therapy

Most people experience inner conflict at some time, when one part of them wants to do one thing e.g. eat a cream cake and another part wants to maintain a healthy diet. Where this inner conflict creates difficulties e.g. unable to maintain a healthy diet, I use Parts Therapy, which is very effective in uncovering the root cause of many different presenting issues and enables clients to achieve inner-conflict resolution.

Parts Therapy is carried out in hypnosis, and I will call out and communicate with the parts of the subconscious that will help to achieve a positive result. Usually there are two parts involved, the conflicting part and the motivating part, sometimes other parts emerge to help the process. Through a process similar to mediation, communication with the two (or more) parts helps to discover the causes of the problem, release them and allow the two parts to reach an agreement, and integrate into a state of inner harmony.

Because this is a ‘client-centred’ therapy, i.e. you come up with the answers and solutions to your own issues, you will feel more empowered, because the power to change really does lie within.

Regression Therapy

Many issues that we face today come from locked in feelings and emotions from the past. As a result of our early experiences we may have adopted inappropriate core beliefs. Root causes can be traced back to not only events or experiences in this life time, but also back to events and experiences from past lives.

I use two types of Regression Therapy to help locate emotional root causes:

  • Age Regression – widely used by hypnotherapists, to enable you to revisit past unhelpful events or experiences. Our earliest experiences affect our adult lives both positively and negatively, and by guiding you to explore your earlier experiences, I can help you to bring new insights into or understanding of, the issues that are currently affecting you.
  • Past Life Regression – allows you to recall and explore past lives, which can give helpful insights into current issues presented in therapy. It can also help to clear negative aspects of the past, which are hindering self development. Belief in past lives is not necessary to achieve positive results, just an open mind and a desire to give it a go.

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