Elizabeth Payne

“What lies ahead of you and what lies behind you is nothing compared to what lies within you.” – Mohandas K. Gandhi

About Elizabeth

BSc (Hons) Psychology, DipH, DipNLP, CertDE

Clinical Hypnotherapist, Spiritual Companion & Reiki Master/Teacher

After 32 years in financial services, I felt unfulfilled and needed a better work/life balance. I have always been interested in psychology and how people’s minds work, so I trained to become a Clinical Hypnotherapist, which included a wide range of techniques from other talking therapies. I realised many years ago, that people seemed to naturally seek me out to talk through various life challenges and were motivated afterwards to make positive life changes. It therefore, seemed to be the natural way forward for me and I haven’t looked back since.

I am passionate about motivating, supporting and empowering clients to find their own voice and achieve their full potential. I find it very rewarding when clients use their inner resources to make positive changes and resolve their life issues. I will use a range of different techniques to suit your needs, to help you explore your inner resources and, allow you to recognise and break down the barriers that are preventing you from living the life you want.

Although I have worked with a lot of clients with weight issues through the Worcestershire Weight Management Clinic, it has become clear that most presenting issues involve exploring core thoughts and beliefs, and understanding how these are creating issues for my clients. Our negative thoughts hold us back – we become what we think – and by choosing more supportive thoughts and beliefs, clients are able to make positive life changes. I believe that everyone has the capacity within to overcome their challenges, make positive changes and, experience success and happiness in all areas of their life.

As a Reiki Master/Teacher, I adopt an holistic and Spiritual (not linked to any religion) approach to my work. I very much believe in living in the NOW, which releases us from the anger/sadness/guilt of the past and the anxiety/fear about the future. I offer Reiki Attunement in Level I, Level II and Reiki Master, either 1:1 or groups.

My inspiration over the last few years has been the work of William Bloom and Dr. Wayne W Dyer, and I use a lot of their Spiritual teachings in my work. As a Spiritual Companion, I can work with you on your Spiritual Development and support you on your Spiritual Path. Also to help you understand your Soul Contract, including your life purpose.

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FEES – Sessions last up to 1½ hours and are £65 each.
The first session includes a FREE ½ hour consultation and lasts 2 hours, unless the FREE consultation has already taken place.