Weight Management without Willpower

My last blog spoke about why New Year Resolutions don’t always work and how to do it differently. This blog uses weight management as an example of how to do it differently for SUCCESS!

Timing – During this planning phase of January/early February, start thinking about your eating habits and what needs to change; is it what you eat, portion control, emotional eating, drinking too much? What are your triggers for unhealthy eating/overeating? Really begin to understand what’s going on for you and seek help to explore it at a deeper level if you need to. Start keeping a food/drink diary to help you.

Self-belief – You’ve tried diets before but have not sustained any reduction in weight. The expectation of yourself is that the same will happen again, so the voice of your ego is already telling you that you’re going to fail. This is not a diet…. this is a lifestyle change, you’re doing things differently, and of course you will get a different outcome, one that you can sustain because you’ve planned for SUCCESS. Positive affirmations such as ‘I only eat healthy food’, ‘I am in control’, said many times throughout the day will keep any negative ego thoughts out of the way. Choose your own affirmations before you start and use them again and again and again.

Being ready to let go – Are you ready to let go of the old overweight you? Is the ‘new you’ someone you used to be or someone completely new? Think about what being overweight is doing for you; what have been the perceived ‘benefits’? If you believe there have been ‘benefits’, now is the time to take a closer look, question those beliefs and let them go. Start to focus on the real benefits of being healthier and slimmer, and getting to know this ‘new you’. Letting go of what was and getting out of your comfort zone, so that you can enjoy what is to be, is the most liberating thing you can do for yourself. Picture the future and the changes you are making – focus on your eating habits/lifestyle and your weight will take care of itself.

Planning – Start to plan your meals (and healthy snacks if required), so that food choice becomes automated on a daily basis (taking out the need for willpower) and only shop for those meals. Choose healthy foods in their natural state and prepare meals from scratch. Eat the rainbow with fruit and vegetables. Plan your portion size with a smaller plate; half your plate should be vegetables/salad, quarter carbs and quarter protein – everything in moderation.
Eating out can be planned for too. Look at the menu in advance and decide what you’re going to eat, so you’re not making that decision on an empty stomach on the day.

Using the information under ‘Timing’, do you need to plan any other changes to manage the triggers and/or the emotional eating? Do you need new activities/hobbies in your life to replace overeating? What about exercise?

Support – Choose who you want ‘in your corner’, get them on board, be clear what you want from them and use that support. Make them part of your emergency action plan. Is there anyone who is likely to try and sabotage what you are doing? Putting it bluntly – DITCH THEM! They have their own agenda and don’t have your best interests at heart. Surround yourself with those people who only want what’s best for you.

Willpower – With all the above in place, you’re ready to go! Great planning ‘trumps’ willpower every time. Also remember HALT – never make food choices when you are Hungry, Angry, Lonely or Tired.
Above all else, learn from any ‘mistakes’ when you wobble and NEVER give up. Believe in yourself and carry on. NO BEATING YOURSELF UP!

So…. when you’ve done all the above and feel ready, start to make the changes that will lead to your SUCCESS!!!!

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